Stimson sees in the entrepreneur the artist. Stimson helps in your quest to build the foundation for success.

“My name is Hans Krouwels, I enjoy advising the true entrepreneur. The one who is stubborn, difficult, innovative, creative, egocentric and does not take my advice for granted.”

(re) Financing

Merger & Acquisitions

Strategic Advice

Stimson was, based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) founded in 2002 by Hans Krouwels. We have a strong network with best-in-class attorneys, accountants, entrepreneurs and access to capital. With triple-A craftsmen all around the globe Stimson creates the team for the ultimate end-result. We advise founders, investment companies, and ceo’s only. Our focus is on companies based on creativity & innovation. Main advisory services are:
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • (Re) financing
  • Strategic advice

Stimson supports entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams. This is done by challenging our clients and hands-on help whenever possible. We are not the advisor standing on the sideline, but we pride ourselves in standing next to the entrepreneurs and getting our hands dirty. Knowledge and experience is in the field of creating a strategic plan with focus and clear targets founded on a solid financial structure. When applicable we create exits for shareholders/entrepreneurs or, otherwise, assist in strengthening balance sheets.

Acces to Capital

International Investment

Strong Network

Characteristics of Stimson are:
  • Not your typical advisor but one with entrepreneurial experience
  • Strong network of best-in-class legal, finance, tax advisors
  • Network of international Investment Firms and M&A boutiques
  • Access to capital
We work in a committed network of entrepreneurs, advisors, and investment firms. Stimson is known for its professionalism, personal approach, commitment and perseverance. In the end M&A boutiques are brokers, your accountant is good in accounting, and your attorney thinks legal. So as an entrepreneur, it’s better to hire someone sitting next to you, talking from one entrepreneur to the other, discussing new ideas and strategies.
Together we’ll get there!

“Sometimes I meet unique people with unique ideas. People that want to change an industry with a brilliant idea. This is why I started Stimson Investments, to invest in those people.”

In 2004 Stimson acquired VidiGo Holding BV.

VidiGo is state of the art in the broadcast industry. VidiGo is a highly innovative game changer in a global industry of broadcast manufacturers. VidiGo develops software solutions to automate broadcast workflows. The team consists of extremely motivated professionals with the ambition to change the industry globally. VidiGo is changing the industry forever, by making television and radio production accessible and affordable.

2004 – 2006 Seed Funding
2006 – 2012 Start-up rounds
2013 – Growth financing

Stimson has been responsible from seed-capital in 2004, to a serious start-up round in 2009 and a second round of financing in 2013.

Testimony to the strength of the Stimson approach to clients is the number of long-term relationships we have built through many years and several transactions. Clients consistently retain Stimson for multiple advisory assignments, offering us the opportunity to add long-term value to companies and their shareholders.

In 2011 Stimson was exclusive advisor for the shareholders/entrepreneurs of Lemming Film, a Dutch film production house, on setting up a joint venture in Germany with Filmhouse Germany.

Since 2004 Stimson has advised the shareholders through a series of transactions. In 2004 Stimson advised the shareholders in the sale of 50% of the shares to the Telegraaf Media Group (TMG). In 2007 Stimson advised the shareholders in the buy-in off the TMG–shares and become 100% shareholder again.


In 2007 Stimson was exclusive financial advisor of the shareholders/entrepreneurs of FilmFocus on its sale of 100% of the shares to ChelleMedia a subsidiary of the Global Liberty Group.

Since 2004 Stimson has advised the shareholder/founder of Unga, a toy developer in Amsterdam, in expanding its growth strategy, through a series of value-creating transactions. Stimson was exclusive adviser in several transactions between shareholders and investors.

Since 2002 Stimson has advised the shareholders/entrepreneurs of Scotch & Soda, in its growth strategy. Stimson was the exclusive financial advisor in several transactions between the shareholders.
In 2011 Stimson was financial advisor for the shareholders of Scotch & Soda in the sale of 100% of the shares to SUN Capital, in joint cooperation with Atlas Advisors (NY). Since 2011 Stimson has been financial advisor for the founders/boardmembers in their relationship to SUN Capital.

"I’m always in for a quick coffee, if you have a good story”

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